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  • Turning Steering Wheel: Turning required due to crossing lane unexpectedly, accident avoidance, or other required maneuver to avoid unsafe driving.

  • Braking: Braking required due to late deceleration, accident avoidance, or moving forward incorrectly / unsafely.

  • Pressing Accelerator: Pressing accelerator required due to heavy phantom braking to avoid rear end collision. This DOES NOT include tapping the accelerator lightly to push the car as this is sometimes needed and is considered an intervention.

Categories of Disengagements:

  • Critical: Safety Issue (Avoid accident, taking red light/stop sign, wrong side of the road, unsafe action)

  • Non-Critical: Non-Safety Issue (Wrong lane, driver courtesy, merge issue)


  • Non-Disengagement (Accelerator tap, scroll wheel, turn signal)

Other Event:

  • Non-Disengagement from @EVGuyCanada's app (no intervention, but action reported via on-screen icon)

Current Version:

  • Some visuals only show version-specific data. These visuals are filtered when both a new release is available and there is data being reported by at least 1 tester.


  • Some visuals only show data for city. This is done in order to show FSD-specific data.

Abbreviated Terms Glossary:

  • DE: Disengagement

  • Crit: Critical Disengagement

  • NonCrit: Non-Critical Disengagement

  • MinDate: Earliest date logged for a specific version

  • Ovr: Overall

Dashboard Refresh Rate:

  • Every 3 hours (1:00, 4:00, 7:00, 10:00 AM/PM eastern time )